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Tema: MEAN STREAK - Metal Slave [2009] [241 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

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    MEAN STREAK - Metal Slave [2009]
    [241 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps] by @rockbendaDIO

    MEAN STREAK is a Swedish metal band who manages the legacy of traditional heavy metal. The band was formed in 2008 by Peter Andersson. The general idea was to write classic metal straight from the heart. The debut album “Metal Slave” reached the stores in September 2009 and made a huge impact on the European and Japanese metal markets. The album received 8/10 in Rock Hard magazine as well as 89/100 in Burrrn! and got airplay on metal radio stations all over the world. The entire CD is drenched in quality work. Some of the great highlights here are the vocals and the guitar riffs, both of which have a pure 80’s sound. MEAN STREAK delivers more than a few jolts. The lead vocals are close to Udo Dirkschneider of Accept, while the guitar rhythms and solos are just like Judas Priest, anybody can hear this pretty well. The pace is very steady with solid lead guitars going back and forth, “Metal Slave” is about exactly what you always wanted in a NWOBHM style album. These guys give a helluva good performance, showing a great influence of Judas Priest, Battleaxe and Saxon. It is a pleasure to listen to a debut album like this. The ten track CD contains a wonderful booklet and has great front cover artwork too. The highlights here are “Whom the Gods Love Die Young”, “Rock City” and “Raise Your Hands”. Without a doubt, the fans of eighties metal will eat it up...!

    Artist: MEAN STREAK
    Album: Metal Slave
    Content: CD Album [MP3]-[320 kbps]
    Label: Black Lodge Records (BLOD 064CD)
    Edition: EUROPE
    Genre: Rock
    Style: Heavy Metal
    Date Release: September 14th, 2009
    Notes: Debut album by the Sweden heavy metal band.

    01. Whom the Gods Love Die Young (4:47)
    02. Battle Within (3:34)
    03. Eyes of a Stranger (4:01)
    04. The Seventh Sign (5:02)
    05. Raise Your Hands (4:37)
    06. Rock City (3:58)
    07. Sin City Lights (4:51)
    08. Carved in Stone (4:43)
    09. Metal Slave (4:20)
    10. Sinners n’ Saints (3:42)

    Line Up
    Andy La Guerin - Vocals
    Yngve Frank - Guitars
    Peter Anderson - Bass
    Jonas Kallsback - Drums
    Special Guest:
    Patrik Gardberg - Lead Guitar

    -Additional Notes-
    Produced by Peter Anderson and Andy La Guerin.
    Recorded at Downland Studios by Peter Anderson.
    Mixed at Studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordstrom.
    Mastered at Plec At Panic Room Mastering.
    Artwork by Rainfeather Pearl.

    Audio Preview

    Official Videos

    Data Download
    Artist: MEAN STREAK
    Album: Metal Slave
    Date Release: September 14th, 2009
    Format: [MP3]-[320 kbps]
    Total Size: [241 MB]
    Included: Artwork
    Password: rockbendaDIO

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