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Tema: EDGUY - Monuments [Compilation] [2017] [515 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

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    Arrow EDGUY - Monuments [Compilation] [2017] [515 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

    EDGUY - Monuments [Compilation] [2017]
    [515 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps] by @rockbendaDIO

    In celebration of EDGUY’s 25th anniversary, the group is preparing to take to the stage this fall for its ‘Best of Tour’, performing the group’s greatest hits live. Preceding this outing will be the release of "Monuments", EDGUY’s greatest hits album that contains 22 songs from the group’s career, as well as five new songs, including the previously unreleased “Reborn in the Waste”. Tobias Sammet, alongside guitarists Dirk Sauer and Jens Ludwig, as well as EDGUY’s rhythm section of more than 20 years, bassist Tobias Exxel and drummer Felix Bohnke bring its brand of Metal to the eyes and ears of the fans. This double CD+DVD package contains the complete filmed concert from the group’s 2004 ‘Hellfire Club’ tour and all the band’s promo videos... EDGUY, named after their physics teacher’s nickname, was formed in 1992, the then 14-year old, Tobias Sammet, Jens Ludwig, Dirk Sauer and drummer Dominik Storch went on to record and self-release debut album ‘Savage Poetry’ in 1995. The group’s efforts eventually led to signing with AFM Records and releasing "Kingdom of Madness" in 1997. Staying with AFM Records produced six albums: "Kingdom of Madness" 1997; "Vain Glory Opera" 1998; "Theater of Salvation" 1999; "The Savage Poetry" 2000; "Mandrake" 2001; and "Hellfire Club" 2004. Moving on to Nuclear Blast Records, EDGUY continued to churn out records, releasing another four albums: "Rocket Ride" 2006; "Tinnitus Sanctus" 2008; "Age of the Joker" 2011; and 2014’s "Space Police: Defender".

    With more than two and half hours of music, "Monuments" will not disappoint. EDGUY culls the best from each its albums and packs them all into this concise retrospective, which is enhanced by the concert film and promo videos. "Monuments" is a sure-fire win-win for fans. As another bonus, you get five new songs and amazing artwork, to enjoy...!

    Artist: EDGUY
    Album: Monuments [Compilation]
    Content: 2CD Albums [MP3]-[320 kbps]
    Label: Nuclear Blast (261762)
    Edition: GERMANY
    Genre: Rock
    Style: Power Metal
    Date Release: July 14th, 2017

    CD ONE
    01. Ravenblack (5:09)
    02. Wrestle the Devil (4:00)
    03. Open Sesame (5:00)
    04. Landmarks (4:34)
    05. The Mountaineer (3:57)
    06. 9-2-9 (3:47)
    07. Defenders of the Crown (5:42)
    08. Save Me (3:46)
    09. The Piper Never Dies (10:09)
    10. Lavatory Love Machine (4:23)
    11. King Of Fools (4:20)
    12. Superheroes (3:19)
    13. Love Tyger (4:27)
    14. Ministry of Saints (5:03)
    15. Tears of a Mandrake (7:14)

    CD TWO
    01. Mysteria (5:46)
    02. Vain Glory Opera (6:09)
    03. Rock of Cashel (6:18)
    04. Judas at the Opera (7:19)
    05. Holy Water (4:13)
    06. Spooks in the Attic (4:03)
    07. Babylon (6:13)
    08. The Eternal Wayfarer (8:49)
    09. Out of Control (5:05)
    10. Land of the Miracle (6:33)
    11. Key to My Fate (4:33)
    12. Space Police (6:03)
    13. Reborn in the Waste (4:19)

    Line Up
    Tobias Sammet - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
    Jens Ludwig - Guitars
    Dirk Sauer - Guitars
    Michael Rodenberg - Keyboards
    Tobias Exxel - Bass
    Felix Bohnke - Drums
    Special Guest:
    Oliver Hartmann - Backing Vocals

    -Additional Notes-
    Recorded, Producer and Mixed by Sascha Paeth.
    Mastered by Michael Rodenberg.
    Engineered by Olaf Reitmeier.
    Photography by Alex Kuehr, Axel Jusseit, Dirk Illing, Friso Gentsch,
    Hans-Martin Issler, Rolf Klatt, Stefan Malzkorn, Timo Ruppel and Torsten Hilse.
    Design and Layout by Thomas Ewerhard.
    Artwork by Guyla Havancsák.

    First five tracks on CD ONE are new songs.
    The DVD is not available in this download.

    Audio Preview

    Official Videos

    Data Download
    Artist: EDGUY
    Album: Monuments [Compilation]
    Date Release: July 14th, 2017
    Format: [MP3]-[320 kbps]
    Total Size: [515 MB]
    Included: Artwork
    Password: rockbendaDIO

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