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Some of these PDF's contain executable code (hotlinking and sound embedding). I only ever read PDFs in foxit reader's safe mode, so I cant vouch for the safety of any of it. A scan with ESET NOD32 revealed nothing though.

Complete list of the contained books:

A.Schoenberg - Fundamentals of Musical Composition.pdf
Alan Berklin - A Practical Guide to Musical Composition.pdf
Alfred Handy Guide - Music Notation Dictionary.pdf
Alfred Handy Guide - Piano Chord Dictionary.pdf
Analysing Popular Music - Theory, Method And Practice By Phi.pdf
Basic Music Theory-How to Read, Write and Understand Written Music (Jonathan Harnum).pdf
Berklee College Of Music - Harmony 1.pdf
Berklee College Of Music - Harmony 2.pdf
Berklee College Of Music - Harmony 3.pdf
Berklee College Of Music - Harmony 4.pdf
Berklee College Of Music - Harmony Tensions.pdf
Bret Willmott - Complete Book Of Harmony Theory & Voicing.pdf
C - Guitar Music Theory - Jerry Bergonzi - Vol 1 - Melodic Structures.pdf
Dans Music Theory.pdf
Essential Music Theory for Singers.pdf
Generative Theory of Tonal Music - F. Lersahl, R. Jackendoff (MIT) WW.pdf
George Van Eps - Guitar Mechanisms.pdf
Guitar Music Theory - Ear Training Manual for Musicians.pdf
Guitarist-s Music Theory Book.pdf
James Bastien - Piano Basics Theory Primer Level.pdf
Jazz ear training.pdf
Miller Puckette - Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music.pdf
Music - Theory - Jazz Theory.pdf
Music Theory (Ebook) Complete Guitar Book.pdf
Music Theory - Basic Level.pdf
Music Theory - Blue Notes or Not (John Duarte).pdf
Music Theory - Dowland, Duarte and Chromaticism (John Duarte).pdf
Music Theory - Finishing the Blues (For Now) - John Duarte.pdf
Music Theory - John Dowlands Chromatic Harmony (John Duarte).pdf
Music Theory - Shades of Blue (John Duarte).pdf
Music Theory - Super Sight Reading Secrets.pdf
Music Theory - The Ultimate Guide To Reading Music.pdf
Music Theory Book - David Temperley - The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures.pdf
Music Theory For Dummies.pdf
Music Theory For Flamenco.pdf
Music Theory For The Rock Guitarist - Ben Bolt Mel Bay.pdf
Music Theory in Concept and Practice.chm
Music Theory Is Not Nuclear Physics.pdf
Music Theory Quick Facts Sheet.pdf
Music Theory, George Thaddeus Jones, 1974.pdf
Music Theory- University Oregon.pdf
Musical Creativity - Multidisciplinary Research in Theory and Practice.pdf
Musical Theory and Ancient Cosmology.pdf
Musicians Institute - Harmony & Theory.pdf
Oxford Dictionary Of Music.pdf
Pete Thomas - Composition, Orchestration & Arranging.pdf
Piano jazz improvisation harmony theory.pdf
Poldi Zeitling and David Goldberger - Understanding music theory.pdf
Popular Music - Vol[1]. 2 - Theory and Method.pdf
Sandy Feldstein - Practical Music Theory Complete.pdf
The Chord Scale Theory & Jazz Harmony - Nettles And Graf..pdf
The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory.pdf
Theodor Adorno - Music, Language, and Composition.pdf
University Musical Encyclopedia The Theory Of Music And Piano Technique (By E. Markham) (1912).pdf


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