Michael Swanwick - The Iron Dragons Daughter

This is set in a faerie world that is, and is not, the America of dreams and nightmares. After her childhood as a factory slave in a nightmare of shop-floor intrigue and in-group pressures, Jane finds herself first at a high-school where the equivalent of the Homecoming Queen is a sacred victim set to grill on a bonfire, and then at a university where low grades are liable to leave one vulnerable to city-wide riot and winnowing. Jane leads her life in situations of constant anxiety, rendered worse by her light-fingeredness, her treachery to friends and above all her allegiance to the dragon Melanchthon, who prevailed upon her to rescue him from the scrapheap, and has designs of his own. Where much fantasy presents a theodicy that reconciles, Swanwick reflects the real world only to remind us of the nightmares we continually accept, the dues we let others pay for us.

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